Surrounding recent information that came to light regarding Representative Katie Hill's improper relations with two staff members, Mark Cripe issued the following statement:

"I'm saddened to see the recent events unfolding with Representative Hill, particularly with the potential violations of House Resolution 724 and the House Ethics Rules—rules that prohibit sexual relationships with any employee under the supervision of a House Member.

As a law enforcement officer, this confession of Ms. Hill's abuse of law and power is an offense to all that I have worked to uphold in my 29 years of service. As a candidate and constituent, my primary concern is that these issues are distracting her from the ability to professionally focus on giving the best, most positive efforts to represent district 25, free from distraction and hypocrisy.

Personally, I hope Ms. Hill will be able to work through this troubling time with the least amount of heartache for all those affected—those who are the true victims of her indiscretions. All will remain in my prayers."

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October 20, 2019
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