What's your stance on abortion?

I’m absolutely pro-life. I want money going to saving lives, not ending them. At the same time, I’m pro-women’s rights. A woman has a right to her body. That's a Constitutional right she has. A baby has a constitutional right to life. Somebody has tabled an argument where we’re arguing over two Constitutional rights. It's a no-win argument. It's simply made to divide us. And we’re letting it do that.

What are your thoughts on border security?

As a Marine and cop, my first instinct is to contain perimeters. I'm for a wall. We need to reduce the threat of drugs, violence, and sex trafficking within our communities. The only concern is cost; whether you’re dealing with a fixed barrier, technology, or patrols and personnel, it’s going to be expensive. A balanced and proper solution needs to be discussed and found.

How do you feel about illegal immigration?

I'm against illegal immigration, but I'm by all means, pro legal immigration. If we’re going to expand our economy, we need more workers. There should be a clear path to citizenship. For those who are here under temporary protective status (TPS) or who have been here for 20 years without committing a crime, there should be path to citizenship. Under current DACA and Dream Act standards, there isn't; they either have to leave or live in a state of flux, not knowing what's going to happen. We need a clear, legalized way for these individuals to lawfully apply to become a citizen.

Where do you stand on red flag law and gun control?

I'm against red flag laws; they encroach on the 14th amendment of due process and search and seizure laws. I want to protect the Constitution, and in that, protect the liberties of each and every person in our country. We don't need any new gun control laws; we need to enforce the ones we already have. We have to deal with the real threat at hand: the individual person and their mental well-being. A person wanting to do harm will do harm with or without a gun.


Safer Neighborhoods

Government’s fundamental responsibility is to keep us safe.

Government’s fundamental responsibility is to keep us safe. Illegal drugs are one of the greatest contributing factors to rising crime within our communities. By securing our southern border, we can impact the constant tide of illicit drugs flowing into communities, disrupt and intervene in sex trafficking across our open southern border, and tightened our security measures to violent criminal groups that use the porous southern border to import their evil work into our neighborhoods.

Additionally, providing law enforcement agencies with funding to promote and implement the most current best practices, accepted national law enforcement standards, and up-to-date tools to enables our personnel to better serve the communities they protect. As Congressman, I will introduce legislation to provide smart tactical de-escalation training for all law enforcement agencies so they can provide safer service for law enforcement and the communities they serve.

HELP Working Families

Life is about family.

In 2017, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This Act serves as a good start in reducing the ongoing financial burden of our Southland families, but it's just that – a good start. In continuation of helping our hard-working families, I support increasing the$10,000 cap on the state and local deduction (SALT) by using median income as a rule for fair deductions across the board. I would also support further simplifying the tax code so our families don’t get squeezed at tax time.

Educational Opportunities

I've had the privilege to work with our community’s at-risk youth.

Many of these individuals come from struggling families, seeking opportunities that once came with education. Politicians today see and use our schools for social engineering or indoctrination rather than educational institutions. Our schools should first and foremost provide fundamental education.

We need to empower school boards to make local decisions and provide families the opportunity and freedom to choose schools that best service their family.  getting government out of dictating education is the first step.  The “no child left behind” act may have had great intentions, but like all government drive initiatives, this legislation created more problems than it addressed.  I support reducing the role of government in our schools and giving authority to choose educational paths to the parents.

SeRVE our Veterans

Our American veterans deserve more.

We must take a very hard look at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  The process to receive help from the VA has become so complicated and bogged down by bureaucracy that our veterans are often left with little to no services received. This must be addressed for the health and wellbeing of our veterans.  

Another frustrating area I wish to address is the fact that Congress has passed funding bills with little to no financial oversight or accountability. This has allowed the misuse of billions of dollars meant to serve our veterans, but the funds never make it to them. This is a disgrace.  

I want to improve the accountability in the funding process to ensure taxpayer dollars get to those who the taxpayer intends to assist.